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Pile foundations and consolidation works

Pile foundations and consolidation works
Pile foundations and consolidation works

SOLES TECH applies an innovative and unique technology for the production of statically-driven steelcored piles for special foundations. These piles are driven into the ground using special hydraulic apparatus. Resulting is no soil removal. The piles are driven into the ground to their planned depth while at the same time verifying (one pile at a time) the bearing capacity required by them. This procedure causes the ground to be compacted due to the volume of steel pile being driven into the ground, together with the concrete necessary for the operation and immediately the sure pressure generated in the soil is absorbed by the micro concrete. Every stage of the driving procedure is controlled by a sophisticated electronic system of data acquisition and registration, contributing to the performance supervision of the piles at all times: including non-stop registration of the driving force, the range at the tip of the pile and the depth reached.


The Soles pile (international patent) guarantees the following operational advantages:

  • total absence of vibrations;
  • lack of irritating noise;
  • absence of excavation connected to the construction of foundations;
  • elimination of the construction of work areas and related access;
  • reduced size of machinery used;
  • absence of the need to cut off pile heads;
  • possibility of operating in the vicinity of inhabited areas and/or on roads without causing disruptions to traffic.


The completely unique multifunctional characteristics of the Soles piles allow them to be employed as follows:

  • for foundation work in urban areas because of their absolute “discretion”;
  • in large infrastructural works because of their high specific bearing capacity and speed of execution, allowing for the parallel production and execution of foundation works and as a result a reduction in time necessary for completing the specific construction activities;
  • for the structural consolidation and functional recovery of buildings and structures due to the limited size of the equipment needed and the monitoring carried out during the operations
  • works on historical monuments and works of particular artistic value for their absolute reliability with respect to environmental and architectural obligations.


The details of the productive process and the structural characteristics of the Soles piles shows how this system differs from other traditional foundation piles, while representing an important technological breakthrough in the field of geotechnical engineering.



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