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Underground floors

beneath existing buildings
Underground floors
Underground floors
SOLES TECH applies patented technologies for the construction of underground structures, such as cellars or garages, in already existing buildings.

The careful study and development of the special applications of the SOLES PileTM, coupled with the technology of compression of concrete with stretching of cords after compression have made it possible to construct under-ground structures - i.e. below the existing foundations - even in adverse conditions.

From the data gathered in almost all the cases under study, the executive project maybe summarized as follows:

  • Reconstruction of the underground flooring, with platforms made with compression technology;
  • Temporary works done with static insertion technology with the purpose of conveying the overall weight of the building down to the depth;
  • Excavation of the underground rooms and reconstruction of the old foundation structures and building of new rooms;
  • Whenever necessary, removal of the worksdone.


The overall result obtained is that of static consolidation of the foundation as well as the construction of new rooms at highly competitive prices.

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