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Cultural real estate


Citizens and institutions have become more conscious of the topic of the seismic prevention and of the protection of existing buildings, especially after the destroying earthquakes that struck Italy in 2009 (Abruzzo region) and in 2012 (Emilia Romagna region).
There are Countries (like Japan and California) in which, for decades, the seismic prevention has become part of the most common sense, both for residential buildings and infrastructures.
All the Europe, even though the different exposition of the various Countries to the seismic risk, has a huge architectural heritage of extreme historical and cultural value, which needs to be protected by targeted and effective investments.
Hospitals, schools, ancient buildings, monuments, institutional offices, military installations and more can be protected by seismic risk through the technologies applied by Soles Tech, which allow fast and effective insulation operations.  For example, the summer holidays would be long enough to complete the seismic insulation of a school.
It is, substantially, a matter of culture: while the most common vision is restricted to “here and now”, it is necessary to look far onward, supporting the investment instead of the current expenditures, to take care of what already exists, which we often just inherited, to leave it, in better conditions, to those who will come after us.












The pictures: preliminary project of seismic insulation through structural lifting of Palazzo Margherita – L’Aquila (13th century).

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