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Retaining walls

Retaining walls
Retaining walls

Retaining walls for the excavations in open ground but especially in urban environments with surrounding buildings, monuments, infrastructures (subways, railways, pipelines...) can be achieved with the absence of vibration, noise and removal of soil thanks to SolesTM technology.

In fact, in addition to retaining walls using circular cross-section piles, Soles achieves retaining walls, type “Soldier Pile wall” through the static driving of steel H-beam elements .

The reaction to the thrust is taken from any existing structures or from reinforced concrete beams appropriately sized and including the pile driving assemblies used by the driving machinery in order to drive the steel H-beams using hydraulic jacks.

To reduce the free portion of the retaining wall in the excavation phase, the “top - down” method can be used which allows to rationalize the various stages of construction in the underground works.

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