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Jack-up and moving of buildings and structures

through patented technologies
Jack-up and moving of buildings and structures
Jack-up and moving of buildings and structures

Born from the development of the patented Soles pile concept, the raising of buildings and structures technology is the one in which all the capacities, the technical knowledge and the experience of SOLES TECH are particularly concentrated.

This kind of works can be applied to achieve several different purposes: for example, for the recovery of ground floor rooms in buildings subject to flooding, for the insertion of seismic insulation devices, for the horizontal moving of structures, for the recovery of the verticality in buildings subjected to lateral subsidence.


The patented technology is based on the construction of a new reinforced concrete mat foundation on the ground (or on Soles piles if the soil presents poor mechanical properties) and a second reinforced concrete mat foundation laying on the first one, but connected to the existing foundations of the building. Through jacks positioned on devices included in the upper mat foundation, pushing against the bottom mat foundation, the upper mat foundation together with the existing structure is lifted. To recover the verticality of structures, the jack-up procedure, instead of being always in parallel, follows the angle of rotation opposite to the angle of inclination of the building.
The system is designed to be stopped at any time without any risk, in order to allow for inspections, monitoring activities, calibrations and changes of the electrical or hydraulic system. The automation and control system is managed by one programmable logic controller (PLC) through which the operator sets and controls, in real time, all the lifting parameters; the control unit also receives and manages structural monitoring data.

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